Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Weightloss Wednesday || Subtle, Easy & Positive Changes For Weightloss

I wanted to talk first about how badly I have done this week. I am so disappointed in myself because of the way I have eaten, I know I can do it but for some reason, my will power is at almost zero. I recently had a run in with some 12 years olds who called me fat and massive and honestly it didn't upset me because my self-worth doesn't come from the words of a 12-year-old but it did open my eyes to the fact that I am obviously bigger in other people's eyes than in mine. I honestly look in the mirror and while I feel massive I don’t feel obese. I feel this may be a coping mechanism though because I am aware I probably do look bigger. I was bullied as a child about my weight and it affected me badly at first, as it does when you're a child. It seems to hurt more coming from someone your own age. I like to think I've done a great job to get to the point now where words about my weight do not hurt me. 

Instead of focusing on the negatives I wanted to create a positive post. So I'm writing tips about what does help me on my journey to lose weight and let me tell you there have been a lot of little things that have started to make my life a lot easier when choosing to be healthy. These tips are small but can be done by everyone 

Lemons, Limes and Ice. This sounds silly and odd but just bear with me. So I got to a point where I thought the water was boring. I only drink sparkling water which honestly is more exciting than normal water but there you go. So to try and jazz it up a bit and make it more enjoyable I added sliced lemon, sliced lime and some ice. My goodness, this changed things. I pre cut lemons and oranges and keep them in separate small bags (or containers) in the fridge.This way it's easy to pick some slices out in the morning and add them to your drink. I believe it's another way of getting some Vitamin C into your system too because of the juice.
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Exercise Dvd. Now with my chronic illnesses some days I just don’t have the energy to go out. I’m in pain, I'm shattered, I don’t feel great and that’s a whole day of exercise lost. Due to my anxiety too visiting a gym or swimming pool regularly is difficult for me to do alone! So James brought me an exercise DVD (it was Scarlett Moffats) and it's made such a difference. I can choose on bad days to only do a bit and on better days try to push myself. That way I know at least I'm trying to get more exercise. This DVD also comes with a food plan which I am yet to look at. With my PCOS I have been given a more specific diet for me. There are a huge amount of exercise DVDs out there, all focusing on different aspects of exercise, part of the body you wish to tone, different celebrities etc but I was completely drawn in by the image on the DVD. I am the same dress size she was so if she can do it, I can! I personally think she's pretty awesome and I love the DVD but some people may disagree on how much home exercise DVD can help you. 

Pint glasses for Water. This is simple enough. Instead of using small glasses that I was before im now using a pint glass for water. This way I can track how much water im drinking and if its enough for the day. This has really increased my water consumption in the last month.

Meal plan. This has been amazing in helping me keep track of food intake. Not to mention it has seriously saved money on food shopping too. I plan my meals and snacks before going shopping and then during the week I have everything I need and I have meals set. Obviously, you can switch up the days if you don't feel like those particular meals (for example swapping Monday's dinner for Tuesday's dinner) This way you have no need to buy unhealthy snacks brought on impulse when deciding what to have for dinner. 

Stats since Last Weightloss Wednesday
  • My exercise is gradually going up, I'm enjoying walking more, and loving my exercise DVD. I went to London which got me a lot of exercise and I'm trying to walk around the woods near my house a lot more. 
  • I'm still drinking a lot of tea but now I'm drinking quite a bit of coffee and thanks to my new coffee machine! Sparkling water is back on because of the addition of lemons, limes and ice to the drink.
  • Weight – Not back to my highest weight but very close. My period has meant I'm very bloated, holding more water weight and eating rubbish.
  • Eaten – Terrible, I've tried to make good decisions but my period has made me crave absolutely terrible food. Nachos, Cholcate and Curry have been my main wants.
  • Happy with how I've done this week? – Nope. No. Nah. Non. Nein. Basically, it’s a big fat no. This week has just been awful. I'm disappointed with myself.

Does anyone else have some simple tips or tricks for weight loss?

Catch up next week! 
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