Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Weightloss Wednesday || Subtle, Easy & Positive Changes For Weightloss

I wanted to talk first about how badly I have done this week. I am so disappointed in myself because of the way I have eaten, I know I can do it but for some reason, my will power is at almost zero. I recently had a run in with some 12 years olds who called me fat and massive and honestly it didn't upset me because my self-worth doesn't come from the words of a 12-year-old but it did open my eyes to the fact that I am obviously bigger in other people's eyes than in mine. I honestly look in the mirror and while I feel massive I don’t feel obese. I feel this may be a coping mechanism though because I am aware I probably do look bigger. I was bullied as a child about my weight and it affected me badly at first, as it does when you're a child. It seems to hurt more coming from someone your own age. I like to think I've done a great job to get to the point now where words about my weight do not hurt me. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

The Best Quotes To Make You Feel More Motivated

The Best Quotes To Make You Feel More Motivated Banner
So, with the start of the new quotes series, I have so far focused on Positive quotes and Harry Potter quotes. Today I want to focus on Motivational Quotes.

While you may think, well aren’t positive quotes the same as motivational quotes; well sort of. Positive quotes are great but motivational quotes focus more on the need to get something done such as work, writing, painting anything especially if you are stuck procrastinating or in a slump of inspiration. They make you focus on the good that can come from continuing or finishing something. I use these through A-level and more recently throughout my University work to try and remind and encourage myself of the benefits of finishing but also the great feeling that comes with it. Whether you are trying to change the world, better yourself or just enjoying a project these quotes can help you find and carry that spark through to the end.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Accessibility Review On Our Latest London Trip

London Panorama, Big Ben

So, James & I went to London on Monday, I suffered after with pain in my hips, feet and back but I’m so glad we went. I sometimes feel upset when we visit these places because it reminds me that I’m not in a position both financially or physically to do little trips out like this as much as I’d like too. My body is fragile, so is James (although he will never in 1million years admit it) so I tend to stay in my comfort zone where I know rest isn’t far away.

Anyway, so we stayed on the south bank area, one of my favourites in fact because we were visiting the sea life centre and London Dungeons. Now, this was my first time going to the dungeons at all, I’ve been to the sea life centre a lot but it was my first time seeing the new ocean invaders display! My main worry was accessibility. With James using a stick and with my feet, back and hip I was worried about how we would get on which is what inspired this post. I thought I’d talk about the accessibility and ease of going to these places with disabilities and mobility aids.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Weightloss Wednesday || Time To Change For The Baby I Want So Badly

Weightloss Wednesday Series Banner

So, the last few weeks I haven’t been blogging, mainly because my laptop was running so slow it was taking much longer to do anything. So now I and J have invested in a computer I’m getting back into the swing of things. To kick it off I’m doing my first Weight loss Wednesday in a while.