Friday, 13 July 2018

Meet The New Addition: Wilson The Puppy

Meet The New Addition: Wilson The Puppy Banner

In my last post I wrote a list of 30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 and in that was the desire to have a dog at some point, well guess what, that came true 1 and a half months after writing it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 Banner

So, the last couple of weeks/months have been a busy one. I’m not even 100% sure why I’ve been so absent; my brain just hasn’t been in the right place for blogging. However, I suddenly got this urge to want to write. I’m easing myself back in for now, so I wanted to start with my 30 before 30 list. I’ve seen this floating around the internet and these are always fun. With me turning 25 this June it gives me a good 5 years to get some, if not all, ticked off.

Now there won’t be any super adventurous, over the top goals because frankly with money, a wedding and planning for a child; things such as ‘Go Skydiving’ are not anywhere near my 30th birthday goals. I want this to a be a realistic list of things to achieve so that I'm going into my 30s happy, healthy and fulfilled.
  1. Finish my degree – By 30 this is totally do-able! I can’t wait to have a break from education if I’m honest though
  2. Look seriously into starting a masters – It doesn’t mean I start one before I’m 30 but I’d really like to eventually complete one
  3. Complete some more courses centred around Mental Health, Youth, Prison Service, advocacy etc - I would obviously do this at home again, probably after I’ve finished my degree
  4. Start having children- Obviously, we have already started but I’d like to be pregnant or a mum before I’m 30 all depending on fertility
  5. Lose weight- I want to be healthy, happy and confident. I'm already taking serious steps towards this
  6. Run or cycle in an event such as a fun run for charity- probably after I’ve lost some weight. I have always wanted to complete the Race for Life and the London to Brighton bike race. 
  7. Become at one with myself- This could be a difficult one for me to achieve because I’ve never been at one with myself before.
  8. Find a job suitable for me that I enjoy
  9. Be in a new flat/house
  10. Be saving towards buying our own place- this may never happen, but I at least want to try and save towards one
  11. Be managing my illnesses better than I am now
  12. To change up my hair (either adding highlights, putting in a fringe, major haircut)
  13. Get Married- the date is set, it's paid for so it's happening but its still a goal of mine that I never thought would happen!
  14. Get my first tattoo- I’m a wimp, but I love tattoos and I have so many ideas
  15. Go for afternoon tea somewhere fancy in London- maybe Claridge’s or the Ritz
  16. Own a dog- I hope with all my heart this will be happening very soon. I used to have a dog and I miss him with all my heart. You can read HERE what happened to him. 
  17. Own a bike- I love cycling but I haven’t owned my own bike since I was about 10 which is sad
  18. Go somewhere hot with James- We haven’t had many holidays together because money but now I’m ready to do a big holiday with him. Maybe our honeymoon
  19. Learn to drive- This would be huge for me and I really hope I manage to complete this
  20. And then buy a car- I would LOVE an Audi
  21. Visit Iceland again
  22. Go whale watching (this could be done while in Iceland)
  23. Spend NYE in London- I live about 25 mins away but I’ve never done it because crowds + anxiety do not mix
  24. Do a Zoo/Aquarium experience- feed the elephants, feed the turtles etc
  25. Make more of a conscious effort to help the planet- less plastic, reusable bags etc. I have already made changes but not enough yet for my liking
  26. Go to an outdoor cinema experience
  27. Go to Italy- I would especially like to visit Pompeii, from a geographical and historical point of view, it's probably top of the list of places to see for me at the moment
  28. Own a new MacBook
  29. Swim in the serpentine (hyde park)
  30. Learn to let things go- James would 100% agree with this one, I find that it's holding me back a lot.
My time in Iceland and My lovely dog, Riff.
My time in Iceland and My lovely dog, Riff.
Most of this for me is doable in the next 5 years. Some are easy goals; I know I’m getting married, I know I will finish my degree and I know I’ll be going on holiday, but they are still huge goals for me. I'm trying to view this list as a list of things I want to do rather than a list I have to do. It's a guide and I'm a firm believer in karma and the universe giving us exactly what we need and when. So who knows whether all this will happen. 

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Here's A Little Life Update For You!

Here's A Little Life Update For You Banner
It probably has not escaped your notice that I haven’t posted since Christmas Day. 

There wasn’t any real reason or plan. I just lost my motivation, I lost my inspiration and I lost all determination to post every week. Not through lack of ideas or even lack of wanting to write I just plain and simple wanted some time off. Recently there has been so much negativity based on the world of blogging/ influencers and for a while, I just wanted to keep my head down and just not engage in any of that drama. This isn’t to say I’m not proud of blogging, but I do this primarily as a hobby and a way to potentially help others I just didn’t need any drama. 

So, what Have I been up to since Christmas? Well, actually quite a lot. It’s another reason for why I haven’t really been blogging too much. 

Firstly, I won my ESA fight finally and got given what I should have got nearly 9 months ago. I know compared to some who have had to wait 9 months isn’t long but when you have a life to pay for and you’re living off £50 a week, 9 months feels like a lifetime. They also backdated me which was an absolute godsend. I can now say I am debt free. I have nothing owed on my credit card, nothing owed to HMRC nothing owed to anyone and it feels SO good. I even have some savings.

Next my degree. Gosh, it has been hard lately. I’ve just hit the second year (because I’m doing it part time it’s my third year studying but only my second year of my degree) so things have ramped up a bit. Essays feel that little harder and there’s just more to take in. I’m still getting excellent results, I’m still enjoying it and I’m still loving the content but at the same time I’m desperate to finish and have a break from education. 

Selection of our Paris photos

I also took a trip to Paris. It was James & I’s first trip ever abroad. Due to out various health issues, it's always been difficult and a bit of a pipe dream but we did it and my oh my it was so worth it. I enjoyed everything single bit of it even if my anxiety did play up a little. I ended up having to have McDonalds 2 nights for dinner because my anxiety means I can’t go in most restaurants. We even went to Disney land which for me was amazing. I have never been before and so I felt like a child the whole time. 

My health has been ok, up and down as always but I’m learning to live with it a bit better. Some days are worse than others; in fact, someday I can barely get out of bed but that is what chronic illness for me consists of. Good and bad days. Still haven’t got that baby and I still haven’t lost enough weight but I’m mentally doing a-ok and better than usual. 

Finally, James proposed! Yes, we are getting married. It came as a complete shock to me, I honestly had no idea he was even thinking about marriage. He didn’t it in such a lovely way that I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it either way. I won’t go into detail about how he did it because that’s really for us and our family to know but basically, he surprised me with a new football top (that id been anting) with my new surname to be on the back. I cried. Everyone has been extremely kind and given us cards, gifts, money etc to congratulate us and we spent our time in Paris together alone celebrating. Plans are already in the running and a date has been set! I will be blogging the journey.

I must admit that my upload schedule will be a bit all over the place for the next few months. University work, wedding planning and health are going to mean that getting the time and energy to sit down and blog could be hard, but I already have ideas in the works so hopefully, I can get some posts ready to go. 

It feels so good to be back doing what I love.
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Monday, 25 December 2017

Blogmas Day 25- A Very Happy Christmas To You

Blogmas Day 25- A Very Happy Christmas To You Banner

A very very Happy Christmas to you all. I hope you all have a good, restful and happy day. Remember that self-care, health and wellbeing is still important today. 
If you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you have a good and happy day as well.

If you are suffering in any way please feel free to message me and If you need help remember that it is always available, even on Christmas. Christmas can be lonely so remember to reach out to people. 

Lots of love from Bethany x

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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Blogmas Day 23 - My 2018 Expectations

Blogmas Day 23- My 2018 Expectations Banner
This will be a fairly short post but it’s an important one that I want to write and eventually look back on. My expectations for 2017 were tame, I didn’t expect much from it if I’m honest. 2016 wasn’t the best of years for me and I just assumed that 2017 would be a continuation of that, but honestly its actually been a lot better than I thought. Now none of this means it WILL happen but rather what I’d like and expect to happen. Things can change but these are what I know is possible.